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Starboard iGO 12'6" x 30" Zen Inflatable SUP: Video
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Starboard iGO 12'6" x 30" Zen Inflatable SUP: Video

The Starboard Touring Zen 12'6" x 30" paddle board is distinguished by its single-chamber construction, part of Starboard's Zen line, renowned for its core essentials. This board, one of the top two best-sellers of all time, integrates welded rail technology along the deck and bottom's outline, ensuring durability and stability. It's further bolstered by 2000D extra reinforced rail bands and constructed with a single-layer linear knitted drop-stitch, emphasizing its design for explorers.

Key Features

  • Welded Rail Technology: Ensures durability and a smooth ride.
  • 2000D Extra Reinforced Rail Bands: Offers additional strength and rigidity.
  • Single-Layer Linear Knitted Drop Stitch: Provides a solid, stable base for exploration.
  • Bungees Front and Back: For easy gear storage.
  • GPS Mount: Allows for tracking expeditions or recording journeys.
  • Handle and Kick Pad: For easy maneuverability and control.
  • Edge Release Technology: Promotes a smoother glide and efficient water release.
  • Accessory Inclusions: Comes with a board bag, pump, fin, leash, and an optional paddle.

Explorers' Enhancements

To cater to adventurers, the board is equipped with bungees at both the front and back for storing gear, along with a GPS mount on the nose for tracking or filming expeditions. A handle at the back facilitates lifting the fin out of the water for easy dragging, complemented by a kick pad for efficient turning. The board also includes two D-rings for attaching a shoulder carry strap, enhancing portability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What makes the Touring Zen 12'6" x 30" ideal for explorers?

    • Its design incorporates features like gear bungees, a GPS mount, and edge release technology, making it perfect for adventurous expeditions.
  2. How does the board ensure a smooth ride?

    • The welded rail technology and edge release technology work together to provide a stable and smooth glide through water.
  3. What accessories come with the Touring Zen paddle board?

    • It includes a board bag, pump, fin, leash, and an optional paddle, offering everything needed for immediate adventure.
  4. Can I track my journey with the Touring Zen board?

    • Yes, with the GPS mount on the nose, you can easily track your expedition or record it with a camera.



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