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Zen Paddleboard Range: Find Your Perfect Paddleboard

Zen Paddleboard Range: Find Your Perfect Paddleboard

Starboard Zen Range Explainer & Comparison: Which Inflatable Paddleboard is Best for You?

Raul from Starboard HQ walks us through the Starboard Zen inflatable paddle board range. Watch along for great information from the head of the inflatable SUP division.

Today we're at a beautifully calm lake, making it an ideal day for paddleboarding. Before we venture onto the water, I'd like to introduce you to our Zen range of boards, helping you select the perfect board for your adventure. On my left, we have two iGo boards: the 10'8" by 33" and the 11'2" by 31"+. On my right, is the Touring 12'6" by 30".

Starting with the iGo 10'8" by 33", this board is designed with beginners in mind. Its width and length offer unparalleled stability, accommodating paddlers of all sizes and weights. This makes it easier for newcomers to stand and learn paddleboarding basics. Beside it, the iGo 11'2" by 31"+ is slightly longer and narrower. These dimensions enhance the board's glide and speed, and its design is particularly advantageous for smaller paddlers. The board's size allows for closer paddle positioning to its edge, aiding in refining paddling technique. Both iGo models are versatile, all-around boards suitable for a variety of activities.

If your interest lies in longer expeditions, the Touring board is your go-to. True to its name, this board excels in cruising and touring, featuring ample volume at both ends for gear storage. Its slender shape ensures efficient glide and speed, enabling swift transitions from point A to B. The iGo and Touring boards are part of the same inflatable board family, sharing several key features. Each board is constructed using our linear knitted drop-stitch technology, welded rail technology along the deck and bottom outline, and 2000D galvanized rails for added strength and stiffness. Additionally, all boards come equipped with a rear kick pad for practicing step-back turns, D-rings for attaching a shoulder carry strap, and bungees for securing gear.

Regardless of size, every board includes our double action V8 pump, which facilitates both inflation and deflation, and fits neatly into the provided board backpack. This backpack is designed for ease of transport, featuring shoulder straps and roller wheels, making it convenient for walking, hiking, or navigating airports. Optionally, boards can be paired with a three-piece paddle that easily disassembles and packs away.

For an all-around fun experience and to practice some turns, considering my body weight of 175lbs, I'm leaning towards the 11'2" by 31"+. Its additional glide will allow for faster paddling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Zen paddleboard for beginners?

The iGo 10'8" by 33" is perfect for beginners due to its stability, accommodating paddlers of all sizes and weights, making it easier to learn the basics of paddleboarding.

Can the Zen paddleboards carry gear for long expeditions?

Yes, the Touring 12'6" by 30" board is designed for long expeditions, with ample volume at both ends for gear storage, ensuring efficient glide and speed.

Do Zen paddleboards come with a pump?

All Zen boards include a double action V8 pump for easy inflation and deflation, fitting neatly into the provided board backpack for convenience.



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