Starboard SUP

9'5" X 32" Surf Deluxe DC Inflatable SUP

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We just pumped up the action with our inflatable surf paddle boards. We’ve introduced Woven Fusion Technology and Double Chamber Construction, maximizing stiffness and getting that hardboard feel.

Based on our classic surf composite outline, the narrow nose does not get caught through turns, the wide standing area gives stability and pulled in tail makes for reactive turning.



This is your board if you want to go surfing and don’t want to struggle with airline’s baggage policies. Based on the composite outline, the narrow nose does not get caught through your turns. The wide standing area gives you the stability and the pulled in tail makes for reactive turning on your command.

The new 8’7″ x 32″ is based on the composite Wedge board of the same size

Length: 9’5” / 287 cm

Width: 32” / 81 cm

Thickness: 4.75" / 12 cm


Available construction
Deluxe Construction, Double Chamber (DC)

Stiffer, Lighter, More responsive

  • The Fusion Woven dropstitch makes the Deluxe boards extra strong and stiff.
  • Galvanized 2000D rails increase strength and stiffness.
  • The Double Chamber brings the inflatable boards one step closer to a hard board feeling. The Double Chamber stiffens the board significantly, thanks to the double side walls around the second chamber. This chamber also offers extra safety flotation for any emergencies.
    • Inflatable Board
    • Pump
    • Board Bag
    • Fin
    • Repair Kit

    Inflatable Board:

    • 2 years warranty from the end consumer purchase date.


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