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Welded Rail Technology: Exclusive To Starboard Inflatable Paddle Boards
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Welded Rail Technology: Exclusive To Starboard Inflatable Paddle Boards

Starboard is at the forefront of inflatable paddle board innovation, introducing its advanced Welded Rail Technology. This breakthrough technology is designed to ensure the long-term integrity of the paddle board by preventing air leaks. By utilizing a mechanical bond that employs heat to fuse the rail layers together, Starboard has significantly enhanced the durability and lifespan of their boards, making them not only more reliable but also more environmentally friendly.

Why Welded Rail Technology?

The necessity for this technology stems from the board's rails—the crucial points where the deck and bottom components meet and are most susceptible to air leaks. Traditional paddle boards rely on glue to hold these parts together, which can degrade or peel over time, compromising the board's integrity. In contrast, Starboard's Welded Rail Technology eliminates the need for glue, offering a permanent solution to the problem of air leaks.

Benefits and Performance

  • Enhanced Durability: Creates a more robust and long-lasting board by mechanically bonding the rails.
  • Environmental Advantage: Reduces the environmental impact by eliminating the use of glue and potential waste.
  • Lower Warranty Rates: Demonstrates reliability with a mere 0.38% warranty rate for all inflatable boards and an impressive 0.1% for Zen boards regarding leaking issues.

Starboard's commitment to innovation is highlighted by offering this technology on all boards produced by their exclusive manufacturer, ensuring that every paddler receives a product built to last.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is Welded Rail Technology?

    • It's a method of mechanically bonding the layers of a paddle board's rail using heat, enhancing durability and preventing leaks.
  2. Why do paddle boards need Welded Rail Technology?

    • It addresses the critical area where the deck and bottom meet, which is prone to air leaks, ensuring a longer-lasting, leak-free experience.
  3. How does Welded Rail Technology benefit the environment?

    • By eliminating the need for glue, it reduces harmful emissions and waste, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  4. What is the warranty rate for Starboard's inflatable boards with this technology?

    • Starboard boasts a low warranty rate, with only 0.38% for all inflatable boards and 0.1% for Zen boards related to leaking.



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