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Utah’s Ultimate Paddle Boarding Spots: Lakes and Reservoirs
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Utah’s Ultimate Paddle Boarding Spots: Lakes and Reservoirs

Utah has some amazing spots for paddle boarding. You can find everything from calm mountain lakes to lively city reservoirs. Starboard, a top paddle board company with 25 years under its belt, brings you inflatable paddle boards utah that have strong welded rails. These let you paddle on various waters, including the vast Great Salt Lake and hidden alpine lakes. Start your stand up paddle boarding utahjourney today for unforgettable experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover Utah's diverse lakes and reservoirs perfect for paddle boarding
  • Explore the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake
  • Experience paddle board rentals utah and paddle board accessories utah for your adventures
  • Enjoy paddle board yoga and paddle board tours in stunning natural settings
  • Find the best paddle board lessons and paddle board shops to enhance your skills

Paddle Boarding in Northern Utah

Northern Utah is a perfect spot for paddle board fans. It's home to beautiful lakes and reservoirs. These are great for anyone eager to get on the water. Great Salt and Pineview Reservoir. It’s an area known for great paddle boarding, whether you've got an paddle board, inflatable or not.

The Great Salt Lake is the biggest salt lake in the West. It's wonderful for newbies learning stand up paddle boarding utah. The water is calm and its salt helps you float. Plus, the sunset views are amazing. The lake is a top pick for anyone who loves SUP boards utah.

Pineview Reservoir offers different fun. It's well-liked for paddle board rentals and fishing from a paddle board. You can catch fish like tiger muskie and bass. Mornings by the reservoir are peaceful, perfect for enjoying the views with your inflatable paddle boards.

Paddle Boarding in Northeast Utah

Northeast Utah's high-elevation land is perfect for paddle boarding. The Provo River, known for its small rapids, is great for expert boarders. It's best to use a tough inflatable board, like the Starboard iGO. The Jordanelle Reservoir is also a top pick. This 10.5-mile-long lake near Salt Lake City is a hit for water sports fans and paddle boarders.

Provo River

The Provo River is a fun challenge for paddle boarders. It has small rapids and easy whitewater. The area's different views make it popular for those who love unique paddle boarding. If you have a good inflatable board, exploring this river is easy and exciting.

Jordanelle Reservoir

Just outside Salt Lake City, the Jordanelle Reservoir is a 10.5-mile lake. It's turned into a popular spot for weekend water sports. People, from beginners to experts, enjoy stand up paddle boarding here. The calm waters and mountain views make it a wonderful place to paddle.

Mirror Lake

Located near the Uinta Mountains, Mirror Lake is stunning for paddle boarding. This lake is peaceful and great for fishing. Its calm waters reflect the beautiful landscapes around. It's the perfect place for a quiet paddle boarding trip.

Central Utah has many great places to paddle board. You can visit the big Utah Lake State Park or the quiet Silver Lake Flat Reservoir. Utah Lake is perfect for those new to paddle boarding or families wanting to try it together. It has gentle waters and is easy to get to. Here, you can find rentals, lessons, and even SUP yoga.

Utah Lake State Park

Located in the Utah Valley, Utah Lake State Park is huge, with over 21,000 acres of water. It's a top spot for people who love to stand-up paddle board. If you're new or looking for more of a challenge, this lake is great to practice on. While out on the water, you'll see all sorts of wildlife. You can also join group tours or rent a board to explore on your own.

Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

Looking for a peaceful place to paddle board? Try Silver Lake Flat Reservoir in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. It's quiet, surrounded by mountains and trees. Here, you can really get away from it all. Paddle boarding at Silver Lake Flat Reservoir means you get to enjoy Central Utah's beauty without the usual crowds.

Highland Glen Park

In Salt Lake City, there's Highland Glen Park. It's a great place for a quick paddle or SUP yoga. The calm pond and beautiful views make it a peaceful spot. This park is near the city, so it's easy for anyone to visit. It's perfect for a morning workout or a relaxing paddle, not far from downtown.

Paddle Boarding in Southern Utah

Southern Utah is beloved by many for its beautiful landscapes and warm waters. It's a top spot for paddle boarding fans. You'll find vibrant red rocks and soft sand at Sand Hollow State Park. Plus, the summer temperatures can reach almost 80 degrees at Quail Creek State Park. This makes it great for everyone, no matter their paddle boarding skill level.

At Sand Hollow State Park, you can paddle, jump off cliffs, and snorkel in the clear water. The area's red rocks and sandy shores are stunning, making your paddle boarding journey extraordinary. This park is truly a gem in Utah.

For a cool paddle in the summer, head to Quail Creek State Park. The water is almost 80 degrees there, offering a refreshing experience for everyone. Its calm waters and easy entry points are perfect for both beginners and experienced paddle boarders.

If you're near Vernal, consider visiting the shoreline of Red Fleet State Park. This park is close to where ancient dinosaur tracks are found. This means you can paddle board next to these cool signs of the past.


Utah is filled with many lakes and rivers, making it a great place for paddle board fans. The Great Salt Lake and Pineview Reservoir are great spots in the north. Further south, the beautiful Sand Hollow State Park and Quail Creek State Park await.

For paddlers of all levels, from beginners to pros, Utah is a dream destination. Here, you'll find breathtaking views and a variety of water to explore. It’s a place where every paddler can find something amazing.

Starboard, a leader in paddle board equipment, is ready to help you. With 25 years in the game, they have what you need. Whether you prefer calm lakes or renting boards for the day, Starboard fits your stand up paddle boarding needs in Utah.

Along with your board, Utah offers unique paddle board accessories, yoga, and guided tours. This adds something special to your paddle boarding journey. You can choose a quiet paddle or a thrilling ride over rapids. With so much waiting for you, exploring Utah on a paddle board is an adventure in itself.


Where can I find the best paddle boarding spots in Utah?

Utah has many great spots for paddle boarding. These include beautiful lakes and rivers. You can find calm waters at the Great Salt Lake up north. Or enjoy the views at Sand Hollow State Park in the south. It's perfect for both new and skilled paddlers.

What are some popular paddle boarding destinations in Northern Utah?

In Northern Utah, you'll find the famous Great Salt Lake and Pineview Reservoir. The Great Salt Lake is great for beginners, with its calm waters and high salt level. Pineview Reservoir is known for SUP fishing.

What paddle boarding destinations are available in Northeast Utah?

Northeast Utah is known for its remote, high places. The Provo River offers challenges for skilled paddlers. Jordanelle Reservoir and Mirror Lake are perfect for a serene, fishing-friendly outing.

What paddle boarding destinations can I find in Central Utah?

Central Utah is rich with paddle boarding places. Utah Lake State Park is good for beginners. Silver Lake Flat Reservoir is a quiet, scenic spot perfect for a peaceful paddle.

What are some top paddle boarding spots in Southern Utah?

Southern Utah is a top choice for paddle boarding. Sand Hollow State Park has unique red rocks and sandy shores. It's great for paddle boarders, cliff jumpers, and snorkelers. Quail Creek State Park and Red Fleet State Park are also cool spots.

What paddle board brands are recommended for Utah's waterways?

Starboard is a leading brand for paddle boards. They have top-quality inflatable and composite boards perfect for Utah's waterways. With 25 years in the business, Starboard's boards are durable and high-performing.



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