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Starboard iGO 10'8" x 33" Zen Inflatable SUP: Video
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Starboard iGO 10'8" x 33" Zen Inflatable SUP: Video

The iGO Zen 10'8" x 33", a standout in Starboard's inflatable board lineup, reigns as the all-time best seller, particularly favored by beginners. This board is constructed with the same high-quality core essentials characteristic of its range, including welded rail technology, 2000D extra reinforced rail bands, and an exclusive single-layer linear knitted drop stitch. These features ensure durability, stability, and a smooth ride for users of all levels.

Enhanced Features for Ease and Convenience

To make the paddleboarding experience even more user-friendly, especially for novices, the board includes a kick pad towards the back. This addition facilitates easier turning and practicing maneuvers. Additionally, it comes with a central carry handle for lifting and transporting the board effortlessly. For further convenience, two D-rings are installed for attaching a shoulder carry strap that doubles as a paddle holder. The front bungee tie-downs offer secure storage for any luggage or essentials during your adventures.

Complete Paddle Boarding Kit

The iGO Zen board package is comprehensive, equipped with a board bag for easy transport, a pump for quick inflation, a fin for stability, a leash for safety, and an optional paddle. This makes it an all-inclusive solution for anyone looking to start their paddleboarding journey, whether they're intermediate surfers, expert paddlers looking for fun on vacation, or absolute beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who is the iGO Zen 10'8" x 33" designed for?

    • It's an all-around board designed for beginners but suitable for paddlers of all levels, from intermediate to expert.
  2. What features make the iGO Zen board ideal for beginners?

    • Features like the kick pad for easy turning, central carry handle, and front bungee tie-downs make it user-friendly for beginners.
  3. What accessories are included with the iGO Zen board?

    • The board comes with a pump, fin, leash, and an optional paddle, all packed in a convenient board bag.
  4. Can the iGO Zen board be used for different paddleboarding activities?

    • Yes, its versatile design makes it suitable for everything from surfing to casual paddling on vacation.




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