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Sathish Kumar Sets World Record on All Star Airline

Sathish Kumar Sets World Record on All Star Airline

Indian paddle boarder & conservationist, Sathish Kumar, set a new world record by completing an open ocean SUP crossing from India to Sri Lanka, and back again!



“India committed to eliminate single used plastic at the One Ocean Summit. So I decided to dedicate this new world record paddling to the One Ocean Summit for plastic awareness.”

~ Sathish Kumar, Founder of SUP Marinaa Club and World Record holder.



Sathish Kumar from India, who actively participates in various water conservation projects, decided to paddle from India to Sri Lanka and return to raise awareness about plastic pollution and to make a world record. Today we have a chance to talk to him more about his ideas behind the project:


Can you please tell us more about yourself?

I am Sathish Kumar, a stand-up paddle athlete and Founder of SUP Marinaa Club.

I represented India for the first time at ICF SUP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021 in Hungary before also representing India in various international SUP Competitions. I have been called and appreciated by our Indian Hon’ble Vice-President of India.

I have always been a staunch conservator of Plastic Free Ocean and every year since 2016, I do ‘plastic awareness paddling’ to create awareness among people & communities.

I am ISA Certified SUP Instructor, Holding Thames River SUP instructor, UK and SUP Rescue, Argentina Certificates. I’m the Rescue and Jetski Trainer for Coastal Police.


How did you get into paddle boarding?

I saw some paddlers doing Stand Up Paddling in San Diego Beach, USA in 2015. Then I learned there and started this new wonderful sport. Now, I am developing SUP sports in my country, India.


Why did you decide to do this India – Sri Lanka paddling project and dedicate it to One Ocean Summit?

This India – Sri Lanka Plastic Awareness challenge has been dream project of mine since I started paddling. I used to do it every year but this year, I did it between these two countries and created awareness about plastic waste.


Can you tell us more about the journey?

I started paddling on 17 March 2023 morning at 10:00 am from Dhanushkodi, India and reached Thalaimannar, Sri Lanka 03:30 pm.

The following day, 18 March 2023, early morning 07:00 am I started from Thalaimannar, Sri Lanka to Dhanushkodi, India and arrived at 11.00 am.

Two days of paddling and total of 63 km!


Why did you choose Starboard All Star Airline?

Starboard All Star Airline is very easy to use in all conditions and great in the open ocean, it gives good stability and is fast in headwind & downwind conditions too.

When I was headed for Sri Lanka within 3km, the weather changed to a heavy headwind with the current pushing in the opposite direction. It was great to have a fast board to be able to manage this tough period.

However, paddling back was full downwind and the All Star Airline took full advantage of this and flew home on the. bumps and glides. It was super fun!



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