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Mississippi’s Best Paddle Boarding Spots: Rivers and Reservoirs
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Mississippi’s Best Paddle Boarding Spots: Rivers and Reservoirs

Paddle boarding is a hit in Mississippi, drawing adventure lovers to its rivers, lakes, and sea. The Yazoo River offers calm waters, while Lake Pickwick is perfect for fishing from your board. Mississippi has everything, from quiet paddles to surfing experiences, letting everyone enjoy the water.

Key Takeaways

  • Mississippi's rivers and reservoirs provide excellent paddle boarding experiences for all skill levels.
  • Lake Pickwick is a fishing paradise that offers great opportunities for paddle boarders.
  • The Yazoo River's serene waters and natural beauty make it a popular paddle boarding destination.
  • Ross Barnett Reservoir and Okatibbee Lake offer stunning settings for stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Coastal areas like Ocean Springs and Biloxi provide access to the Gulf of Mexico for ocean paddle boarding.
  • Island adventures on Ship Island and Deer Island add an extra layer of excitement to paddle boarding in Mississippi.
  • Paddle boarding in Mississippi allows you to connect with nature and enjoy the state's diverse waterways.

Lake Pickwick: A Fishing Paradise for Paddle Boarders

Lake Pickwick sits at the edges of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. It's a perfect spot for both paddle boarders and fishermen. This big 17,400-hectare lake is a beautiful place for anyone who loves the outdoors. The clear water and tranquil state parks are ideal for a fun day.

Key Highlights

Lake Pickwick is known for its great fishing. You can find fish like largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish here. It's a top choice for anglers wanting to catch big fish. Paddle boarders enjoy relaxing fishing experiences while surrounded by amazing views.

There's plenty to do for those who prefer slower activities. The lake's state parks are perfect for camping, hiking, and enjoying nature. J.P. Coleman State Park has camping areas and nice cabins for a comfy stay. It's a hit for both paddle boarders and campers.

Are you into fishing, paddle boarding, or love the outdoors? Lake Pickwick is a great place for you. It offers a wide variety of fun things to do. And the natural beauty here is absolutely stunning.

Activity Highlights
Fishing Abundant largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish populations
Paddle Boarding Serene and expansive waters perfect for exploring and relaxation
Camping Comfortable campgrounds and cabins at J.P. Coleman State Park
"Lake Pickwick is a true oasis for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of fishing, paddle boarding, and camping opportunities. It's a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to connect with the natural beauty of Mississippi."

Tranquil Yazoo River: Nature's Playground

If you love paddle boarding, the Yazoo River in Mississippi is a perfect spot. It's a serene 5-mile adventure through a lush forest. This spot is great for fishing, chilling out, or camping on a sandy shore.

The river is calm, making it great for paddle boarders to enjoy nature. You might see herons, egrets, and deer by the water. These animals add to the beauty of the scenery.

If you like fishing, this river might be a good spot. Check the water level for your chance to catch something. Or, you could just relax on the sand and enjoy the peace.

The river’s sandbars are also perfect for setting up camp. This allows you to stay longer and really feel the beauty of the wild.

"The Yazoo River is a hidden gem for paddle boarders, offering a truly immersive and rejuvenating experience in the heart of nature."

Are you a paddle boarder, a fishing fan, or just want to escape the hustle and bustle? The Yazoo River has something great for you. It’s an awesome place for an adventure right in the heart of Mississippi’s nature.

Ross Barnett Reservoir: Paddle Boarding Hotspot

Just minutes from Jackson, Mississippi, the Ross Barnett Reservoir is a top spot for paddle boarding and fishing. It has over 105 miles of shore and plenty of beaches for fun.


The calm waters are perfect for paddle boarding. It's a great place for both experts and beginners to enjoy nature.

Fishing is excellent here, with some big catches found in its waters. Places like the southern end are known for their huge fish, making anglers' dreams come true.

If you enjoy exploring on foot, there are many trails around the reservoir. You can take a leisure walk or a more challenging hike to see the area's beauty.

After a day of activities, the reservoir's beaches are ideal for relaxing. You can lounge on the sand or go for a swim to unwind.

"The Ross Barnett Reservoir is a true gem for anyone seeking a diverse outdoor adventure. From world-class fishing to scenic paddle boarding, this oasis offers something for everyone."

The Ross Barnett Reservoir is a top paddle boarding place in Mississippi. Its beautiful nature and many fun activities make it perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Okatibbee Lake: Serene Waters for Paddle Boarding

In the heart of Mississippi lies Okatibbee Lake. It's a peaceful spot for paddle boarding. It's not as busy as other popular lakes, so it's great for sup yoga or improving your paddle boarding.

At the lake, you'll see a lot of wildlife. Look out for birds like herons and egrets. Sometimes you might even see an alligator by the shore. This place lets you get close to nature as you float on calm waters.

Okatibbee Lake has four boat ramps, a campground that stays open all year, and four day parks. These parks have swimming areas marked out for you. With more than 6,900 acres to explore, it's perfect for fun on a paddle board or for fishing. People who love nature and fishing will both love this peaceful place.

Amenities Details
Boat Ramps 4
Campgrounds 1 (year-round)
Day-Use Parks 4 with designated swimming areas
Acreage 6,900 acres of land and flooded forests

Okatibbee Lake is perfect for a peaceful paddle boarding trip or relaxing sup yoga. It's also great for getting into beautiful nature and wildlife. Visit this Mississippi gem for a wonderful experience on the water.

Coastal Paddle Boarding: Ocean Springs and Biloxi

Mississippi's Gulf Coast is the perfect place for paddle boarding fans. It has two amazing spots - Ocean Springs Beach and Biloxi Beach. These locations are not just beautiful. They also make it easy for paddle boarders to get the gear they need and learn the sport.

Key Spots

Ocean Springs Beach is great for both surfing and paddle boarding. Here, you can find everything you need, from board rentals to lessons. It's ideal for anyone wanting to try paddle boarding or improve their skills, thanks to its calm waters.

On the other hand, Biloxi Beach is known for its challenging surf. It's preferred by experienced paddle boarders looking for excitement. Despite the waves, both these beaches allow for exploration of the Gulf Island National Seashore Preserve.

Location Paddle Boarding Experience Rentals and Lessons
Ocean Springs Beach Protected waters, suitable for beginners and intermediate paddlers Multiple vendors offering paddle board rentals and lessons
Biloxi Beach Intense surfing conditions, challenging for experienced paddlers Limited rental and lesson options, primarily cater to surfers

Are you looking for a quiet paddle or a surfing thrill? Mississippi Gulf Coast has something for everyone. Its natural beauty and water life welcome both newbies and experts in paddle boarding.

Island Adventures: Ship Island and Deer Island

Paddle boarding fans looking for a unique spot along Mississippi's coast will love Ship Island and Deer Island. These far-off islands let you dive into the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico. You'll discover the area's natural beauty in a new light.

Ship Island is about 12 miles away from Gulfport Harbor. A lovely ferry ride gets you there. Look out for dolphins as they play in the water around you.

Once you're on Ship Island, find peace in its quiet waters. It's perfect for paddle boarding. You can enjoy the view of the untouched beaches and catch sight of various wildlife.

Only a quarter-mile away lies Deer Island, a hidden, undeveloped paradise. Ten endangered species call it home. You can paddle around its calm waters or even camp. This lets you truly soak in the untouched beauty and see an amazing night sky.

"Paddle boarding on Ship Island and Deer Island offers a truly unique adventure, blending the thrill of exploring remote islands with the serenity of gliding across the Gulf's pristine waters," shared local enthusiast, Alex Winters.

If a day trip or a longer adventure is what you want, these islands are perfect. You'll have unforgettable paddle boarding experiences. The beauty and wildlife of Mississippi's coast shine here.

  • Discover dolphins, coastal birds, and other marine life during your paddle boarding adventures
  • Enjoy the solitude and tranquility of camping on the undeveloped Deer Island
  • Immerse yourself in the unspoiled environment and stunning stargazing opportunities


Mississippi's waterways have something for everyone who loves paddle boarding. You can go from easy to hard, like the calm Yazoo River or the big, fast Mississippi River. There are places to paddle all over, making it perfect to explore, fish, and enjoy the outdoors.

If you love peaceful waters, try out Lake Pickwick. For a more exciting trip, head to the Gulf of Mexico. Novices and pros will both enjoy paddling at the Ross Barnett Reservoir and Okatibbee Lake. And, islands like Ship and Deer Island offer exciting adventures for everyone.

Finding your next paddle boarding spot in Mississippi means seeing its natural beauty up close. Each spot has its own magic, from rivers to lakes and coasts. Mississippi truly stands out as a top spot for paddle boarding, offering a variety for all to enjoy.


What are some of the top paddle boarding destinations in Mississippi?

Mississippi has many great spots for paddle boarding. There's the quiet Yazoo River and the Ross Barnett Reservoir, good for fishing. Okatibbee Lake is calm, and you can also paddle by the coast in places like Ocean Springs and Biloxi. You shouldn't miss out on island adventures to Ship Island and Deer Island.

What makes Lake Pickwick a great spot for paddle boarders?

People love Lake Pickwick for its fishing and nature. Covering parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, this big lake is great for paddle boarders. With plenty of space, it's fun and has beautiful scenery.

What can you experience on the Yazoo River?

The Yazoo River is a calm 5-mile journey. It goes through forests, perfect for fishing and camping. You might see animals as you paddle along.

What makes Ross Barnett Reservoir a popular paddle boarding destination?

Known for its 105 miles of coastline, Ross Barnett Reservoir is perfect for paddle board fishing. There's also plenty of trails to explore the area by paddle board.

Why is Okatibbee Lake a great spot for paddle boarding?

Okatibbee Lake is ideal because it's not crowded with motorboats. This makes it good for learning paddle board skills or doing yoga on a sup. It's full of wildlife, including alligators, and has many ramps for entering the lake, a campground, and day parks.

What are the top coastal paddle boarding destinations in Mississippi?

On the Gulf Coast, Ocean Springs Beach and Biloxi Beach are perfect for paddle boarding adventures. Ocean Springs is great for new surfers, and Biloxi is more challenging. Both have access to Gulf Island National Seashore and marshlands.

What unique paddle boarding experiences can be found on the islands off the Mississippi coast?

Must-visit islands include Ship Island and Deer Island. To get to Ship, take a ferry from Gulfport Harbor. You may see dolphins and other marine wildlife. Deer Island, close to the coast, is a preserved sanctuary with rare animals for a peaceful paddle and camping experience.



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