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Learning The Basic Paddle Stroke For Beginners

Learning The Basic Paddle Stroke For Beginners



1. Stay balanced
Stand in the center of your paddle board by placing your feet on either side of the carry handle and make sure that your blade is flicking forward.

TIP: Keep your eyes up and pick a non-moving object to look at to help you stay balance.






2. Reach forward and plant the entire blade into the water
Reach forward and put the whole paddle blade into the water then, pull the paddle toward yourself.

TIP: Try to reach forward as far as you can.





3. Pull the blade up and prepare for the next stroke
Once the paddle passes your feet, take it out from the water, reach forward and continue the next stroke.

Tip: To keep your paddle board going in a straight line, you need to switch to paddle on the other side of the board as well. When switching side, you also need to switch your top and bottom hands.



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