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Inflatable vs Hard Paddle Board: How To Choose Your SUP

Inflatable vs Hard Paddle Board: How To Choose Your SUP

So you’re new to paddleboarding and not sure what the real differences of an inflatable vs hard paddle board are ~ here’s how to choose your SUP simplified!


If you have room to store it, a means to transport it, and you can lift it, then we’d recommend a hard board.

If you want to travel with your board (such a cool way to experience the world!), you live in an apartment or on a boat, or you don’t have a car, then an inflatable board in a magic travel bag, complete with roller wheels, backpack straps and a two-way pump (with room for your summer clothes), is the best option for you. The other reason you might choose inflatable is that they are generally lighter and easier to lift and carry. And if you’re using your board often, you can always leave it inflated and tie onto a car.

The only downside to inflatables is that they don’t perform quite so well in choppy conditions and wind. So think about the location you usually paddle, and whether you’ll want to go out when it’s blowing 10-15knots. You can always choose a TOURING Double Chamber or AIRLINE Inflatable, they are designed to be more rigid, feel more like a hardboard on the water, and are easier to paddle against the wind.




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