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How To Take Care Of Your Inflatable Paddle Board

How To Take Care Of Your Inflatable Paddle Board

Starboard SUP Tips: How to take care of your Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (iSUP). These 7 handy tips will make sure your gear last longer so that you can enjoy your time out on the water.


  1. Cleaning: Clean the board after use with freshwater and mild soap.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight: If leaving the board inflated in direct sunlight, deflate it to at least 10 PSI.
  3. Don’t use an air compressor: You can easily over-inflate the board by using an air compressor and void the warranty.
  4. No dragging: Sharp debris can puncture your board so, don’t drag it.
  5. Use it frequently: Long-term storage can cause glue bonds to disintegrate.
  6. Store at room temperature: Keep the boards sheltered away from high temperature and humidity.
  7. Keep it dry: Dry the board off after use and before storing to avoid mould damage.



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