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How to set your paddle height

How to set your paddle height

Connor Baxter shares valuable tips on setting the height of your SUP paddle. He emphasizes the importance of adjusting the paddle height based on the paddling discipline.

For sprinting, Baxter recommends a paddle height roughly equal to the paddler's head to enable strong, powerful strokes at the beginning of the catch, focusing on quick catches and releases to increase RPM (Reps per minute).

In contrast, for distance racing, he suggests using a longer paddle shaft, about a thumb's length down, to allow for longer strokes and maximize board glide.

Acknowledging individual variations in paddling technique and style, Baxter advises starting with a slightly higher paddle than anticipated and adjusting it downwards if necessary, using the hot glue method for easy handle removal.

He concludes his guidance by reminding viewers to consider the paddle shaft length, whether shorter for sprinting or longer for distance, from the Starboard HQ.



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