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How To Set Valve Pin To Inflate Paddle Board

How To Set Valve Pin To Inflate Paddle Board

Pumped your paddle board up & the second you remove the hose all the air escapes. What happened? Read this SUP Tip on how to set valve pin to inflate paddle board!


To Inflate – Valve pin UP

Press and turn counterclockwise to the UP position. This activates the non-return valve and prevents air from escaping when you remove the pump hose.


To Deflate – Valve pin Down

Press and turn clockwise to the down position. This deactivates the non-return valve and allows air from escaping from the inflatable stand up paddleboard.


SUP Tip: you can reverse the pump hose to deflate the board faster and fully deflate for convenient packing. Once the iSUP is fully deflated, you can return the valve pin to the UP position to get it ready for the next paddle.



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