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How To Set Up The Airline System On Your Starboard Inflatable SUP

How To Set Up The Airline System On Your Starboard Inflatable SUP

In this tutorial, Raul is going to guide you through the process of setting up your All-Star Airline board.

Begin by removing your board from its bag, ensuring the area is clear of debris and sharp objects and spacious enough to unroll your board fully.

A crucial step is to check the pin in the valve is in the up position to ensure the air pumped into the board doesn't escape; the pin should be pushed up for this.

The inflation process starts with the double-action function of the pump, which allows air to be pumped both on the upstroke and downstroke, facilitating the initial inflation steps.

It's important to insert the nose cone at the board's front with the tiki standing upright when the board has less than 5 PSI but is already shaped, making assembly straightforward.

The airline loop wraps around the nose cone and hooks, and it should be adjusted to a tension level that's tight, which in this example, is the third level of tension.

Continue inflating until you reach about 8 PSI, at which point the upstroke gets harder, indicating it's time to switch the pump to single action mode, allowing for pumping only on the downstroke.

Inflate until the board reaches 18 PSI. Upon reaching 18 PSI and disconnecting the hose, a small release of air is normal.

Always close the valve to prevent water and sand from entering. Assembling the fin is essential for proper tracking in the water.

With the board at 18 PSI, the airline under tension, and the fin assembled, you're ready to go paddling.

After paddling, rinse the board to remove saltwater and sand, enhancing its longevity. Remember to remove the fin before deflating the board for easier packing.

To deflate, remove the valve cap, press the pin down, and let the air escape. After deflation, it's easier to remove the airline from the hook and the nose cone.

Our pumps are equipped with a deflation system to help remove all the air from the board, simplifying the packing process. Connect the hose in deflate mode to the board and pump out the air.

Once flat, you can easily fold the board starting from the nose towards the standing area and pack it into the bag. I hope this video has been helpful, and I look forward to seeing you next time.



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