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How To Inflate A Starboard SUP

How To Inflate A Starboard SUP

Inflating your Starboard inflatable paddle board is really easy and should take only take a few minutes to get it fully inflated and paddling. If you’re still a beginner paddle boarder, then this video with show you step-by-step how to correctly inflate your iSUP.


To Inflate Your Inflatable Starboard SUP:

  • Set up your inflatable paddle board in an area with no sharp rocks or objects
  • Unroll your inflatable Starboard SUP with the fins down
  • Grab your tiki pump, and attached the house to the ‘out’ valve attachment
  • Turn pump onto double action
  • Locate the valve on the tail end of your board
  • Ensure the yellow pin is in the up position
  • Insert the end of the hose
  • Secure with a clockwise half-turn
  • Now you are ready to start pumping
  • Use the full range of the pump, ensure bending of the knees
  • Switch the pump to single-action once most of the board has been pumped up
  • Now the pump only inflates on the downstroke
  • Once the needle gets to the green then you have enough pressure
  • Aim for 15-18 PSI
  • Remove the house with a counter-clockwise turn
  • Reattached the valve cap making sure it’s tight and secure
  • Now you are ready to get out and have fun!



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