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How To Get Up On A Stand Up Paddle Board

How To Get Up On A Stand Up Paddle Board

Getting up on a paddle board may seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s actually pretty easy. Follow these 76 simple steps on how to get up on a stand up paddle board and you’d be riding in no time!


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1. Hazard Assessment
Before we go into the water, for any water sports, we should always observe the environment, being aware of the wind, the currents and where the safe places are to enter & exit the water.



2. Wear a Leash
Strap a leash to your ankle. A leash is the most essential piece of gear when we go out on the water. It keeps the board attached to you when you fall off. Losing your stand up paddleboard whilst not near land can potentially be a very dangerous situation. Always wear a leash.



3. Wade into the Water
Walk to the water with your Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board until it is about knee-deep to prevent the fin from dragging at the bottom then, place the board on the water.



4. Get on the Board
Get on the SUP board by move next to the handle on your knees. The handle should be in between your knees to stay balanced.



5. Paddle on Your Knees
Paddle on your knees away from the sand and other obstructions until we have a safe area to stand.



6. Stand Up
Fist around the paddle and place it in front of your knees and get up on one foot at a time.
Tip: keep your face up and look forward to stay balanced.



7. Start Paddling
Start paddling as soon as we stand up by reach forward and put the whole paddle blade in the water. With the paddle in the water, we will gain more stability. Click here to learn more about paddle stroke techniques.



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