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Georgia's Best Paddle Boarding Spots: Rivers, Coasts, and Lakes
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Georgia's Best Paddle Boarding Spots: Rivers, Coasts, and Lakes

Whether you're a seasoned paddle boarder or a newbie looking for your first adventure on the water, Georgia offers some of the most picturesque and enjoyable paddle boarding spots in the country. With its diverse landscapes featuring rivers, lakes, and coastal areas, this state ensures a perfect backdrop for your paddle boarding escapades. At Starboard, with 25 years of crafting premium inflatable paddle boards and composite paddle boards, we know a thing or two about great water sports locations. So grab your paddle board and get ready to explore the top spots in Georgia that make paddle boarding truly magical.

Chattahoochee River: A Flowing Serenity

The Chattahoochee River offers both beginners and experts a serene yet invigorating paddle boarding experience. With stretches that range from calm waters to slightly swift currents, it provides a versatile setting for everyone.

Lake Lanier: Paddle Boarding Paradise

Not far from the bustling city of Atlanta, Lake Lanier is a haven for paddle boarders. Its vast expanse allows for leisurely exploration and the occasional music festival on the water.

Tybee Island: Coastal Charm

For those who prefer salty air and ocean vistas, Tybee Island is the ideal coastal spot. The gentle waves are perfect for beginners, while the surrounding nature provides a scenic paddle.

Lake Oconee: Tranquil Waters

Lake Oconee is known for its peaceful waters and beautiful surroundings, making it a top choice for those looking to relax and paddle at a leisurely pace.

Savannah River: Urban Paddle Boarding

Experience the unique charm of Savannah by paddle boarding down its historic river. This spot combines natural beauty with a touch of urban flair.

Carter's Lake: Hidden Gem

Off the beaten path, Carter's Lake offers clear waters and quiet surroundings, ideal for those looking to escape the crowds and connect with nature.

Jekyll Island: Nature's Retreat

Jekyll Island provides a pristine environment with abundant wildlife, making it a fantastic location for eco-friendly paddle boarders.

Lake Allatoona: Family Friendly Fun

With areas designated for beginners and spots for more advanced boarders, Lake Allatoona is great for family outings.

Tugaloo State Park: A Quiet Escape

Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachians, Tugaloo State Park is known for its scenic views and calm waters, perfect for day-long paddle boarding adventures.

Cumberland Island: Pristine Wilderness

Cumberland Island offers a backdrop of wild horses and unspoiled beaches, creating a surreal paddle boarding experience.

Safety Tips for Paddle Boarding

Always wear a life jacket, check the weather before heading out, and be aware of your surroundings to ensure a safe paddle boarding trip.

Best Time to Paddle Board in Georgia

The best time to paddle board in Georgia is during the late spring to early fall when the weather is warm and the water conditions are most favorable.

Choosing the Right Paddle Board

Whether it’s a Starboard inflatable or a rigid composite board, choosing the right paddle board depends on your weight, experience, and the type of paddling you plan to do.

Paddle Boarding Etiquette

Respect other water users, stay clear of private properties, and protect the natural environment while enjoying the waters.


Georgia’s waterscapes offer some of the best spots in the country for paddle boarding. Each location provides a unique experience that makes paddle boarding in Georgia unforgettable.


  1. What is the best paddle board for beginners?
    For beginners, an all-round inflatable board is highly recommended due to its stability and versatility. Starboard offers a range of inflatable SUPs ideal for starters.

  2. Are there any paddle board rental services near these locations?
    Most popular paddle boarding spots in Georgia have nearby rental services. You can often find options for different types of boards, including those available at Starboard's rental partners.

  3. What safety equipment is necessary for paddle boarding?
    A personal flotation device (PFD) is a must, along with a safety whistle and a leash. It's also wise to carry a waterproof bag for personal items. Learn more about safety equipment and tips at Starboard's safety guide.

  4. Can I paddle board if I can't swim?
    Paddle boarding non-swimmers should wear a life jacket at all times and stay within safe, shallow areas. Always paddle board in the company of others who can assist in case of emergencies.

  5. What are the environmental rules for paddle boarding in Georgia?
    It's important to follow local guidelines such as not disturbing wildlife, staying clear of private property, and carrying out all trash. Ensure you are aware of the specific regulations of the area you are visiting.



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