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Exploring the Great Outdoors with a Touring SUP
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Exploring the Great Outdoors with a Touring SUP

Have you ever felt the urge to glide across the water, with nothing but the sound of your paddle dipping in and out of the surf? Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) offers just that—a serene yet exhilarating way to explore the great outdoors. Among the leaders in this aquatic adventure is Starboard, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of inflatable SUPs. This article will dive into why Starboard's touring SUPs are your perfect companion for water exploration.

What is a Touring SUP?

Touring SUPs are specifically designed for longer distances on flat water—lakes, calm seas, and wide meandering rivers. Their shape ensures they cut through the water efficiently, offering speed and stability, which is ideal for adventurers looking to cover more ground.

Why Choose Inflatable?

Inflatable SUPs bring unmatched convenience. Imagine traveling with a lightweight, compact board tucked into your car's trunk or even flown to a tropical paradise. Once at your destination, it's simply a matter of minutes before your board is inflated and ready for action.

The Starboard Difference

What sets Starboard apart? It's their commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Each board is a reflection of meticulous design and passion for paddle boarding.

Unique Features of Starboard SUPs

Starboard SUPs aren't just any paddle boards; they are crafted with unique features such as welded rails and two proprietary drop stitch constructions—Zen Linear and Deluxe Woven Fusion X-Weave. These technologies not only enhance the board's durability but also improve its performance in water.

Zen Linear Drop Stitch Construction

This technique involves aligning thousands of polyester threads vertically to connect the top and bottom layers of the SUP. This alignment allows the board to maintain its shape when inflated and under pressure, increasing its rigidity and making it as close to a hardboard as possible.

Deluxe Woven Fusion X-Weave Drop Stitch

Taking the construction a notch higher, the Deluxe Woven Fusion employs a woven drop stitch that enhances the board's stiffness and reduces its weight. This makes for a smoother, faster ride on the water.

Welded Rails Explained

Starboard’s welded rails are a game changer. By thermally bonding the seams, Starboard eliminates the risk of slow leaks, commonly seen in lesser-quality boards. This process ensures greater durability and airtight seals.

Choosing the Right SUP

Selecting the right SUP involves considering your body weight, skill level, and the types of waterways you plan to explore. Starboard offers a variety of models to suit different needs and preferences.

Caring for Your SUP

Proper maintenance includes cleaning your SUP after each use, checking for air pressure, and storing it in a cool, dry place. Such care extends the life of your board and ensures it remains ready for your next adventure.

Where to Paddle

The beauty of SUP is that you can paddle almost anywhere—oceans, lakes, rivers, and canals. Each environment offers a unique experience, from tranquil paddles in calm waters to challenging courses in fast streams.

SUP Safety Tips

Safety is paramount. Always wear a life vest, know the weather conditions, and use a leash to stay attached to your SUP.

The Environmental Impact

Starboard is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of their SUPs. They focus on using eco-friendly materials and processes wherever possible.

Starboard and Community

Starboard isn't just about selling SUPs; it's about building a community of paddlers. They organize events and participate in conservation efforts, promoting a love for the water and the outdoors.

Getting Started with SUP

Getting started is easy. All you need is a body of water, a Starboard SUP, and the desire to explore. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, SUP offers a fresh way to enjoy nature.


Embarking on a SUP adventure allows you to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with nature. Starboard’s premium quality, innovative features, and commitment to sustainability make their touring SUPs an excellent choice for both seasoned paddlers and newcomers. Why wait? Grab a paddle and hit the water!


What makes Starboard SUPs different from others?
Starboard SUPs feature unique welded rails and advanced drop stitch constructions, enhancing durability and performance.

How do I choose the right size SUP?
Consider your weight, experience, and the type of paddling you intend to do. Starboard offers various models to cater to different needs.

Can I bring my SUP on a plane?
Yes, Starboard’s inflatable SUPs can be deflated and packed into a compact bag, making them ideal for air travel.

How do I maintain my SUP?
Clean it with fresh water after each use, check for air leaks, and store it away from direct sunlight.

Are there environmental benefits to choosing Starboard?
Yes, Starboard is committed to sustainability by using eco-friendly materials and supporting waterway conservation efforts.



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